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These sites contain prices, charts, and statistics on a variety of commodity futures and options contracts.


  • Virtual Research Department....Agribiz 
  • Options Resources and Interactive Options Calculator....joint project of AgriBiz and The Office for Futures and Options Research (OFOR).. 
  • AgMAS....AgMAS (Agricultural Market Advisory Services), a joint effort between The Ohio State University and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, which investigates the performance of market advisory services. The AgMAS Consensus View is an indicator of the current average outlook of market advisory services. The indicator is calculated for corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton, hogs, and cattle. 
  • Agnet....Agnet provides links and information on U.K. and European Agriculture 
  • Agricultural Market Information Virtual Library....market information sources available through the Internet: daily to yearly market and outlook reports, prices, commodities and quotes 
  • The Center for International Security and Derivative Markets (CISDM)....CISDM, located at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, promotes research in international asset management especially as related to derivative markets and to increase interaction between the academic and business/finance community 
  • DTN FarmDayta On Line....provides subscribers with the latest agricultural market news, currents weather update, experienced commentary and more 
  • The Electric Library....a fee based service that provides searches of newspapers, newswires, magazines, pictures, maps, books, television and radio transcripts on any topic imaginable 
  • Equity Analytics, Ltd.....comprehensive page for the financial analyst and investor 
  • European Derivative Investments & Funds Association....trade association promoting the understanding and use of derivative instruments and alternative techniques in fund management 
  • Financial Economics Network....FEN, an affiliate of the Social Science Research Network, gives subscribers instant access to on-line financial journals, abstracts, and other academic literature 
  • Futures Industry Institute....site provides an excellent introduction to futures and options markets and an on-line tutorial 
  • JSTOR (Journal Storage)....a non-profit organization providing online access to a variety of academic journals. The database can be browsed or specific searches can be performed. 
  • Bibliographies

    • Futures and Options Reading List (PDF format)....comprehensive reading list compiled by OFOR Director Emeritus Raymond M. Leuthold of the University of Illinois. It contains references to books, journals, and other publications. Most of the references are related to the agricultural futures markets. 
    • Dr. Robert Daigler's Homepage....Professor Daigler of Florida International University has a comprehensive Futures and Options Bibliography, table of contents from all issues of the Journal of Futures Markets, and table of contents for the Review of Futures Markets. 
    • IFCI: International Finance and Commodities Institute...located in Geneva, IFCI provides member services through two main activities: Providing Training and Education material and Facilitating the access of information on risk management, derivative instruments, commodities and related theories and research. 
    • Institute for Finance and Banking at The University of Gottingen....provides access to many financial web sites 
    • The Mann Library, Cornell University....provides access to USDA data base including commodity reports and several other valuable data sources 
    • NUMAWEB....NumaWeb, the internet investment site of Numa Financial Systems provides many financial related links with special emphasis on derivatives. 
    • The Ohio State University Department of Finance Home Page Research Resources in Finance....a references aiding research in finance including journals, working papers, software and data. One of the most comprehensive research sites for finance on the World Wide Web. 
    • Resources for Economists on the Internet...multiple links to various economic related web pages 
    • Stratsoy....StratSoy (Strategic Soybean System) is a communication and information system for the U.S. soybean industry that provides for direct communications and the exchange of information. The goal of StratSoy is to promote better decisions by checkoff boards and other soybean related organizations by increasing the coordination, efficiency, and profitability of the U.S. soybean industry worldwide. 
    • StreetEYE Financial Search Engine...StreetEYE indexes over 1400 relevant and up to date web sites for financial professionals, including sites from the financial news media, market data providers, brokers, banks, investment managers, government agencies, newsletters, academic institutions, and industry organizations. 
    • Wall Street Network....bridges Wall Street, academic research, and technology 

    Government Resources

    Federal Reserve Sites...great sources for interest rate data

    Other Futures, Options, and Related Sites